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The Death Of My Favourite Jeans!

The day started out as normal, I completed the school run and returned home. I did my usual routine of tidying up the mess ( whilst muttering FFS ) that my son some how manages to make in the 1 hour he is up before school in the morning. I made myself a lovely cup of tea and flopped on the sofa for a cuppa break to only notice a big rip in the crotch of my favourite jeans!!!!! My first thought was fuck did I just do the school run like this? What knickers do I have on?? and who did I see? Well I can answer these question honestly for you! YES I more than likely did the school run like this. I had flowery mid grade ( I base my Knickers on nice pants, period pants and they will do pants ) So they weren’t the worst pants in the world and YES I pretty much seen everyone and fluttered around the playground talking to the other mum’s like I usually do.

Then it hit me……These are my favourite skinny black jeans!!!! I have had them for about 2 years. They were the perfect fit, the length was prefect, You could wear them for casual or Out Out and I loved them dearly and they have been a great friend to me!  My heart sank a little as I slowly sipped my tea and and text my fiancé telling how devastated I was. No reply from him obviously as this isn’t actually a real life problem apparently.

These jeans were from Topshop and they don’t stock them anymore!! I doubt I will ever be able to find a pair like these again so I just need to forget them and move on and find my new favourite black skinnies. THE SEARCH HAS BEGAN.


My  first pair I considered are by Riverisland at £40.00. I was first drawn to these for the ankle length I love jeans that just hit ankle! No rolling them up or tucking them in boots they are just perfect at the ankle.

ASOS Rivington £22.00.jpeg

The second pair I sourced are by ASOS and they are called Rivington. I have owed a few pairs of Rivington by ASOS before and loved them. They are super soft and fit very close to the skin. They also wash really nice. At only £22.00 they are great for the price.

Newlook £25.99.jpg

The last pair I put in the running for my new favourite skinnies are by NewLook. Now usually I don’t really like NewLook jeans they never seem to have the perfect fit for me and after a few washes they go out of shape! I wouldn’t order these online I would have to go into NewLook and try these on and make a decision. But I do like the look of this pair and ankle length looks perfect.

So after doing my search for my new skinnies and writing this post I feel like I have gone through the grieving process for my old jeans and come out the other side it is the start of a new love.

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