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Tis the season to switch those nails up.

After meeting for a coffee with my bestie yesterday ( I say coffee, she had a coffee and I had a smoothie as coffee sends me way to hyper ) We had the usual catch up of how much gossip we could fit in within the 1 hour free car park and got on to the subject of our nails. She has a lovely nude pinky colour and I have a white, this is actually the first time I have had white and I love it!  It also have like a rainbow chrome over the top that can only been seen in certain lights and I have had soooooo many people comment on them.

But now it is time, One of my favourite times of the year actually, No just halloween or christmas but the season where your can switch up your nails colour!!!!

I did a blog in the summer about what colours would look great for the summer so I thought it was only right that I showed you some tips and colours for AU/Winter!

eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk I literally don’t know why I get so excited about this but I do.

Lets start with my favourite…..Black


I just love a black nail. In fact I could quite happily have black nails for the rest of my life but I know my nail person would judge me.

But Black is a great all rounder colour, It goes with everything. Now a lot of people are scared of having just a black nail but honestly if you have just black and no patterns or glitter its a great sheek look.


A Grey Nail is also one of my favourites!!!! ranging from a little grey to a dark grey this a must for a winter nail and again goes with everything.

Now if you are after some colour…


This colour makes me so excited!! A deep red. So festive and looks great with an all black outfit,  which a lot of us wear during winter, adding that much needed touch of colour.



My next colour I think looks great this time of a year is a Puple, Not a bright purple but a soft/ natural purple.


Lastley I have chosen this lovely red/pink colour ( I am not actually sure what you would call this colour but if any of you know please comment ) I have had this colour before last Winter a few times and I really loved it. A real Autumn colour.

What is your favourite winter colour and why? xx

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