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Dressing That Maxi Dress For Winter.

I am Absolutely loving the Long maxi dress and flat boots look at the minute. I think it looks so stylish and being able to look feminine in the cold weather is a bonus instead of having to wear jeans and a knit all the time.

My friend is absolutely smashing this look at the minute but she is tall and gorgeous so I am wondering with me being only 5ft 5 I can actually pull this look off?

I don’t want something to floral or floaty ( hippyish ) or something that would look at out place for a casual look.

So here goes….

zarta 39.99.jpg

I found this lovely dress by Zara for £39.99 Keeping with this winters trend being animal print. The shirt neck line is perfect for switching this up from day to night.

asos 32.00.jpeg

Next up we have this gorgeous dress by ASOS for £32,00 I really love this one! Its Super casual and we all know I love a Polka dot. I also love the gypsy tie front and sleeves making it that little bit more girly. I am absolutely gutted as this has sold out in most sizes at the minute including mine so I will be keeping a close eye on this for it to come back in stock. Hopefully it won’t be long. I would normally link this outfit but they have taken it down from ASOS. I will be keeping a look out for when it is back in stock.

urbanoutfitters £39.99.jpeg

I found this gorgeous simple button through maxi at UrbanOutfitter for £39.99 Now I did debate if this was a jumper dress or not but Im pretty sure you wouldn’t class it as one! ( Stay tuned for my top 5 Jumper dresses ) I love this dress especially the simple button detail going down the front of it. This would look great with a pair of flat boots or trainers and a jacket, I also think you would get a lot of wear out of this. So the price is not bad at all considering.

newlook £17.99.jpg

Keeping it casual again and black.  I found this simple maxi dress for £17.99 at Newlook, Now you will probably need to layer this either with a cardgain or even a jumper over the top ( I have seen a few bloggers doing this) before your put a coat on for those extra chilly days . This is the cheapest out of lot but if you are looking for a budget alternaive I think this could be your one.

I was really hoping to find a sort of dark floral winter maxi but have been  unsuccessful but I will keep a look out. In the mean times if anyone knows where I could get hold of one please let me know xx

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