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It’s Xmas Party Season

I don’t know What is is about christmas party’s but us girls really like to go to town on this night don’t we?? The hair and eyelash extensions are coming out, The tan game is strong, You paint your toe nails for the first time this Winter, and even shave those legs!!!  Your scroll the internet at night, on your lunch break for the perfect dress for that Christmas party!

But Why??

Maybe you have got a mini crush on someone at work or maybe its simply you want to show your Co workers that you don’t actually look like a bag of shit all the time.

You imagine this moment where you walk through the office doors and your fellow workers all gasp at how wonderful you actually look. The boy you have been crushing on immidiatly blanks the office beauty to walk up to you and tell you how gorgeous you look and everyone wants a selfie with you. Tonight my girl is your night!!!!


Everyone imagines this moment don’t they? I hope so. I think I have just shared one of my biggest dreams. ( desperately hoping you are all say yes )

But don’t fear my lovleys I am here to help.

I will guide you through my favourite party dresses out there at the minute.

So what does us girls look for when it comes to christmas season dresses? Sparkles, glitter , colour, seqineens , We want it all don’t we!!

topshop £30.00.jpg

Well if this doesn’t scream Christmas I don’t know what does?? This lovely dress is by Toyshop, With this gorgeous gold colour and sequins this is sure to be a show stopper. At just £30.00 as well. Teamed up with a pair of sky high heels that will probably kill your feet but who cares right? Tonight is your night.



Well isn’t this just a treat for your eyes. Its velvet and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE velvet at the minute its feels so fabulous on! This dress is by Misguided and guess what?  It is only £35.00!!!! I think it looks far more expensive than that. It also comes in black and a lovely plush pink colour. I can imagine this dress with a statement pair of earrings ( I don’t mean christmas earrings, I do not want to see santa santa dangling from your ears at the christmas party, please save those for the average day in the office )



Can we just take a moment please……..OMG how nice is this dress??? I don’t think this picture shows how nice this dress actually is. This my lovely will turn everyones head and then some! With black sequins and a halter neck which is always very flattering, This dress is show stopping but with out having to bare that flesh. Now this dress is not cheap at £99.00 but I honestly think is is worth every penny. Here is the link but I warn you now if you press that link don’t blame me for your over spending.

inthestyle £44.99.jpg

Imagine this gorgeous dress by Misguided teamed with a santa hat! SEXY ELF ALERT!!!!! I don’t know why this colour is always reserved for christmas but it is, and isnt it just lush! The silk ticks the box, and the length! You have got that fake tan on so get those gorgeous legs out and show them off. ( but please remember to shave those legs and put some pants on, the last thing you want is a picture of your lady garden going round the office Monday morning).



Tonight you are the boss, this blazer dress puts you in charge! Now I know the lady’s are on show not just slightly but a lot and if you are not comfortable with that then why not treat yourself to cute black bralet as well. Teamed with some sky high heels or even knee length boots! #ladyboss find this at Missguided.


How about releasing your inner animal with this Winters biggest trend leopard print . Again this lovely dress is by Missguided ( They have some great party dresses this season! I think this would look lovely with a black faux fur coat this will really catch everyones eye.

There you have it ladies my selection of party dresses this season!

leave a comment and let me know which one you like xx


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