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Auntie flo has come to visit again!

Firstly let me start of by saying that if you are bit squeamish or male you probably won’t want to read this blog.

So I have banging on lately to anyone that will listen about switching my regular period essentials ( tampons and sanitary towels )  to a period cup! I can actually hear some of your saying what the F is a period cup?? I was exactly the same about 3 months ago until I saw a certain celebraty thats is very into living a Vegan/healthy/save the planet/ hard core recycler Switching her monthly essentials to a cup to cut down on waste.

I can sense now you are completely lost …..

Well let me start with saying by cup I don’t mean like an actually cup out of the cupboard and somehow place inside you lady parts



Lets start by calling it by it’s proper name, the menstrual cup!!

Good points

  •   It is good for the environment
  •   It saves you money
  •   It makes bacteria infection like thrush less likely due to it not disturbing your  PH  balance.
  •   According to research improves sex as it helps with vagina dryness. ( bonus)
  • Claims to keep you fresh and odor free all day.

Lasts for 12 hours, so no annoying trips to the bathroom for a change.

Bad points

Well the only bad point I can think of is getting the cup in comfortably . And getting it out with out going into a blind panic that it is lost.

Now you are probably wondering what it looks like??



Well here it is!! Is it what you imagined?? and you were probably wondering how it holds all that blood because you must bleed a pint a day?

Well first we dont actually bleed as much as you think we do, On average we only actually bleed 3-5 teaspoons during the whole period. It can be a tiny bit more if you are heavy bleeder but it is still not as much as you think it is.

After doing my research and watching a lot of Youtube videos ( very strange experience ) I can tell you this is not easy to insert, I heard stories about leaking, struggling to insert and take out but everyone said once you get the hang of it you will never go back!!

Lets took price…

Prices range from £10.00 to £40.00, No I do not know if the price you pay reflects the quality but I have to say, I will be purching one on reviews and not price. I am presuming though they are probably all made from the same thing??

So I have done the hard part for you and researched 3 of the Top menstrual cups out that!!

First up with have The Moon Cup.


Like most companies out there The Moon Cup Comes in 2 sizes. Size A for woman over 30 who have given birth vaginally and Size B for woman under 30 who have not given birth vaginally.

This Cup Retails at £21.99 with free delivery (yey)

The Moon Cup has also won many awards so I am guessing they are a pretty repitable company.

Oh and they have a telephone help line run by medical professionals ( I hope they are female)

Next we have Intamina



The Lilly Cup by Intamina offers a unique shape that is meant to be a better fit inside your vagina and looking at it I can actually see why!

It boasts a none spill rim! (Bonus) and this cup retails at £24.95

FYI I think this is the cup for me!!

Lastly we have the Organi Cup


The Organi cup is made of soft, allergy friendly silicone. It is 100% free of bleaches, glue, perfume and basically anything that doesn’t belong in your body.

Like the other cups it can contain 10 times the amount that a Tampon or Sanitary towel, which means most people only need to change it once a day!

This Organi Cup retails at £21.

So there we have! How do you feel about a Menstrual Cup? Would you use one? Do you already have one and have some tips? please comment below. xx













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