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Hands Up If You love Hat Season!!


Now A lot of people would say that Winter is their least favourite season for their hair, With rain and snow leaving it looking messy and deflated after spending time styling but for me I love winter and so does my hair!!



Because it is hat season!!! In the summer I am constantly styling my hair and it is extremely dry from the heat as well but in the Winter I get to wear a hat! This means for me I can wash my hair, go to bed with it wet, wake up with my naturally curly ( more like frizzy) hair and simply put a hat on. No styling required literally just pop a hat on and out the door and my hair loves it!!! It gives it a chance to grow with out me snapping it off with the straighteners and when I do eventually decided to blow dry and straighten my hair it is so much thicker, longer and healthier!!

This is why I get excited about hat season and I like to keep my hat selection high and I am due a couple of new one so I would thought I would share with you all my search for some lovely hats out there at the minute and not just for bad hair days!

Keeping in with this Winters biggest trend I found this gorgeous Leopard print Beret at Riverisland Now I have never warn a baret before and I don’t know why because they look so nice on, Adding sophisticated touch suiting all hair styles and lengths. And I have noticed they are in every shop this year. At £12.00 I also think this is a great price



Well I have found a treat for your head at Marks & Spencers. This Amazing  100% cashmer beanie hat with pom pom feature is absoloutley lovely. Can you imagine how nice this would be to touch! I just love touching cashmer in shops ( I can’t be the only one )  but then I see the price tag and feel deflated but this hat even though it is still slightly pricey at £39.50 I think it would be an investment piece that you pull out year after year.


SD_01_T01_5018F_Y0_X_EC_0.jpeg  SD_01_T01_5018F_Y0_X_EC_90.jpeg

One of this Winters biggest trends is the Baker boy hat! Now I am on the fence about the baker boy hat! I have seen many celebrities wearing this style and looking fabulous but I am yet to see the average Jo or should I say Joanne wearing it.

But Im not going to right the Baker boy hat off yet I do believe people will catch up and it will became a must in everyones winter collection! I found this lovely one at ASOS for just £16.



Next we have the original black floppy hat ( anyone know the technical term lol?) I love these hats! They just look so lovely on and glams up any outfit! That doesn’t mean pull on ya trackies and add a floppy hat but you know what I mean! This amazing one is from Boohoo is in the sale right now for only £8.00!!



So whats whats your choice of hat?? Will you be trying something new this year? xx












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